The Blue of Mars


Suzanne Plomp, Leiden 1994


2015 - 2019
Bachelor Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL ⟢

2014 - 2015
    Preparatory Year, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL ⟢

Upcoming  show:

Animalcule, LOKAAL, Utrecht, NL⟢

Solo exhibitions

Exuviae, solo, de Aanschouw, Rotterdam, NL ⟢

Leggy Things, solo, Raam Maar, Rotterdam, NL ⟢


T1FF4N7, solo, Pulchri, The Hague, NL ⟢

Selected group/duo exhibitions

Birds don’t hit the fan, Springboard Art Fair, Utrecht, NL ⟢
Newborns, Trixie, The Hague, NL ⟢

Safe Spaces, Galerie de Kunstpraktijk, Veldhoven, NL ⟢

AMETHYST, duo with Gabriela Acha, Pulchri, The Hague, NL ⟢


Young Talent 2019, Artphy, Onstwedde, NL ⟢


Graduation Festival, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL ⟢

    A Foreign Affair, Billytown, The Hague, NL ⟢
Bouncing Off, Billytown, The Hague, NL ⟢
Deepfloor, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL ⟢

    I Like Performance and Performance Likes Me, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam, NL ⟢



Wobby#24, Déjà Vu ⟢

The Blue of Mars ⟢


Museum Voorlinden, NL ⟢
Various private collections, NL ⟢


Fiep Westendorp Stimuleringsprijs - Nominated ⟢

Grants / received subsidies:

Mondriaan Fonds, Kunstenaar Start stipendium ⟢

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds for project Newborns, together with Siem Beets, Jeremi Biziuk and Salves van der Gronde ⟢


Het Grote Aanschouw-boek, De Aanschouw, p. 1116, 2 Dec. 2023 ⟢

Geen kunst voor boven de bank, maar bij de bank,
Jegens & Tevens, Vincent ‘t Sas, 8 March 2023 ⟢ ︎

Pulchri Studio pakt uit, FONK Magazine, Nicolette Hulsebos , no. 297, 28 Oct. 2020 ⟢

Interview Suzanne Plomp, Women of Arts, Lieve Otten, 19 Oct. 2020 ⟢ ︎

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Art-Making (Rietveld and Royal Aacademy Graduation Exhibitions - Netherlands), Canvas and Crumpets, Chloe Hyman, 8 Aug. 2019 ⟢ ︎

EINDEXAMENS 2019: HET KLEED, Mister Motley,
Kiedes Van Wouden en Lieneke Hulshof, 16 July 201
9 ⟢ ︎

Eindexamen Expositie; KABK Den Haag 2019, Lost Painters, Niek Hendrix, 11 July 2019 ⟢ ︎

KABK Graduation Show 2019, Jegens & Tevens, Connie van Driel, 8 July 2019 ⟢ ︎

In my practice I explore the bodily realm, its sensuality and otherworldliness during processes of growth. Hollow, organic shapes like cocoons and tentacles are recurring in my work. With their tactile network of lines visible on the outside, your eye is lured to have a closer look on the inside: both its strength and vulnerability are exposed. My work is autobiographical, which results in the duality of attraction and repulsion being fundamental to my practice.

I feel the happiest in my studio when it has a nearly surgical set-up, surrounded with materials that behave like organic matter. I look for qualities like high-shine, translucency, flexibility and contrasting colours. I find these qualities in different kinds of rope, translucent fabrics, cellophane, ink and pencils. By playing with materials such as by wrapping, coiling, weaving and drawing, I create works with anatomical structures that are reminiscent of veins, muscles and other bodily tissue. Through this process I investigate contradictions like beauty and disgust in a compassionate and playful manner. At the moment I am focused on types of growth that involve violence, such as exuviation and regeneration. Within their alien ambiance, the works are containers of something that has left or something that is yet to come - or perhaps never will.